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The following is a list of federal programs that provide grants, loans, and technical assistance for economic development projects related to workforce development. See additional lists of other federal programs here.

Programs and their requirements are subject to change, so please check department websites for current information. The Just Transition Fund last updated this list on February 23, 2023.

Investments Supporting Partnerships in Recovery Ecosystems Initiative

Appalachian Regional Commission

The Investments Supporting Partnerships In Recovery Ecosystems (INSPIRE) Initiative provides implementation and planning grants for projects that address the substance use crisis by creating or expanding a recovery ecosystem that will lead to workforce entry or reentry for individuals in recovery from substance use disorder (SUD). Projects that invest in workforce training should stress the potential for individuals in recovery to enter or reenter the workforce, or maintain employment, with a special emphasis on employment retention. Eligible applicants include local development districts, Indian tribes or a consortium of tributes, states, counties, cities, or other political subdivisions of a state, institutions of higher education, and public or private nonprofit organizations.

Growth Opportunities

Department of Labor

The Growth Opportunities program provides grants for projects which introduce and prepare justice-involved youth and young adults for the world of work through placement into paid work experiences. Eligible applicants currently include intermediary organizations which support the delivery of direct services by their sub-grantees.

Workforce Opportunity for Rural Communities

Department of Labor

Workforce Opportunity for Rural Communities (WORC) provides grants for projects that address the employment and training needs of local and regional workforces in Appalachia and the lower Mississippi Delta. Funds may be used for a range of workforce development activities in these regions. Eligible applicants include state and local governments, regional organizations, independent school districts, higher education institutions, tribal governments, Indian tribes, public/Indian housing providers, and nonprofits.

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