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The following is a list of federal programs that provide grants, loans, and technical assistance for sector-specific economic development projects. See additional lists of other federal programs here.

Programs and their requirements are subject to change, so please check department websites for current information.

Tribal College Initiative Grants

Department of Agriculture
Open Year-Round

The Tribal College Initiative Grant Program provides grants to 1994 Land Grant Institutions (Tribal Colleges) to make capital improvements to their educational facilities and to purchase equipment. Funds can be used by Tribal Colleges for infrastructure improvements, to purchase equipment and to develop essential community facilities.

Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance

Department of the Interior
Application Due: March 1, 2024

The National Parks Service’s Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance (NPS-RTCA) program provides support with planning, design, and technical expertise for conservation and outdoor recreation projects. The aims of the program are to build healthy communities, conserve lands and waters, develop organizational capacity, support public land management collaboration, and engage youth. The NPS-RTCA does not provide financial assistance or monetary grants. Community groups, nonprofit organizations, tribal governments, national parks, and local, state and federal agencies are welcome to apply.

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