At the heart of its mission, the Just Transition Fund is dedicated to helping coal-impacted communities build strong, resilient and diversified new economies that work for everyone, ensuring that frontline communities are not left behind in the transition to a new energy economy.

The Just Transition Fund fuels and propels the transition movement by finding, funding, and scaling some of the most innovative transition work across the country. By acting as a “hub” that nurtures and supports the movement, we convene and connect impacted communities with a wide range of transition stakeholders. By creating an on-ramp for foundations, the Fund functions as a vehicle for national and regional philanthropic engagement by enabling foundations to invest directly in local, coal-impacted communities.

In priority places, the Fund seeks to strengthen and scale projects that align with the Fund’s commitment to sustainable economic development, equity, and energy resilience. We aim to:

  • Strengthen local economies
  • Build communities that work for all, prioritizing workers and low-income people
  • Promote environmentally-sustainable, low-carbon solutions