Our guiding principles are the driving force behind our mission.

We aim to embody and exhibit them in everything we do. When we fall short, they are the standard to which we aspire and hold ourselves accountable.

Community Self-Determination

Communities are bound together, by history, geography, and levels of opportunity. They hold the power to determine their futures. Investments, whether public, private, or philanthropic, must center local perspectives to meet community needs.

Partnership and Collaboration

Economic transition is complex and involves many stakeholders. Collaborative processes and constructive partnerships create buy-in, build trust, and bridge divides to reach common ground. Coming together around aligned goals is essential to achieve enduring change.

Equity and Justice

Disparities of wealth and opportunity have created a vastly unequal economy. Real justice requires equity-centered approaches and reforms that improve the livelihoods of impacted people and help communities in transition move forward without plastering over past harm.

Inclusivity and Accessibility

Marginalized and underrepresented groups have persistently suffered the negative consequences of policy decisions and economic shifts. Their experiences matter and they have wisdom to share. They deserve every opportunity to fully participate in decision-making regardless of socioeconomic status, identity, or ability.


Impact and Learning

Concrete progress that builds local wealth and economic resilience in the near-term is necessary to create a path to systemic change. Lessons learned along the way reveal new, more effective approaches. Data collection and evaluation helps us evolve and continually improve.

Transparency and Accountability

Humility and self-reflection are strengths as we openly share with and gather input from communities we serve. We are accountable to our local partners and financial supporters, and we are responsible for ensuring that our impact aligns with our goals and guiding principles.

Positivity and a Solutions Mindset

We believe the acute economic challenges of America’s changing energy landscape are surmountable. Our commitment to building local prosperity is unbending and motivated by the social and economic possibilities created through a just transition.

Adaptation and Healthy Striving

Change is a constant. We iterate, adjust, and embrace the need for adaptive growth. By caring for ourselves and one another, we bring our best selves to our work, excel, and add value for the transition movement in every way we can.

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