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With historic levels of funding now available through a range of federal agencies, we want to help ensure that coal communities can apply for these funds and advance economic transition efforts on the ground.

That’s why the Just Transition Fund is offering individualized technical assistance to organizations applying for federal funding to support economic transition projects. We have a team of federal funding experts available to help you develop competitive proposals for funding opportunities at the Economic Development Administration, Appalachian Regional Commission, Department of Agriculture, Department of Energy, Department of Interior, Department of Labor, and other relevant agencies.

Apply soon! Our team of experts has a limited amount of capacity available, and we will review submissions in the order we receive them.

Our Priorities

We aim to help drive federal investments in coal communities by helping local organizations submit competitive federal applications for community-led transition projects that advance equitable and inclusive local economies. We prioritize support for work that is led by and serves low-income and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities most impacted by the transition. We look for projects that show significant potential to create local economic impact and can serve as models.

Specifically, technical assistance will support federal applications focused on:

  • Community economic development projects focused on promising sectors, including, but not limited to: clean energy, sustainable agriculture, reclamation, tourism, and the knowledge economy
  • Workforce development projects that train coal-affected workers and community members for high-road, 21st century jobs in these sectors
  • Infrastructure initiatives designed to improve broadband access and affordability.

Available Services

Our team of federal funding experts can provide assistance with a range of needs related to the federal application process. They can help your organization:

  • Identify funding programs your project is eligible for;
  • Understand the program’s application process and requirements;
  • Identify and build relationships with federal program contacts; and
  • Review the grant proposal before submission.

Our experts can support applications to most federal programs available to fund this work.

A guide to the broad range of relevant federal programs is available here. For current funding opportunities that might support your work, we encourage you to browse funding trackers maintained by President Biden’s Interagency Working Group and the Economic Development Administration.

Who Should Apply

Locally based organizations (including qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations and local government entities) may apply for individualized assistance. Please note: coalitions of organizations that are developing a joint application for federal funds should also apply jointly to the JTF.

Applicants must have already developed a concept for the economic development, workforce development, or infrastructure project for which they seek federal funding. The JTF will prioritize support for organizations that have already identified the federal program(s) they intend to apply to and have laid the groundwork for their application.

In 2022, the JTF will also provide a limited amount of technical assistance to organizations engaged in early-stage planning work, especially work with the long-term goal to access federal funds. If your organization is interested in early-stage planning assistance, please contact Max Shipman at [email protected].

We’ll consider proposals from frontline coal communities in the following priority states:KY, VA, WV, NC, PA, OH, IL, IN, MO, MN, WY, AZ, CO, MT, NM, TX.

Application Process and Timeline

Please submit a short online application here. We will accept applications on a rolling basis in 2022.

We expect to be able to provide a decision and (if accepted) begin providing assistance within two weeks of submission, depending upon the volume of applications we receive and the type of assistance requested.

Finally, please note that the JTF is offering this technical assistance separately from our federal support grants. Eligible organizations may receive both types of support, but must apply for each type separately. Organizations interested in our federal support grants can apply here.


Contact Max Shipman at [email protected].

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