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We are excited to announce our 2023 grants supporting policy efforts to advance state transition funds! A total of $650,000 will be awarded to seven organizations to support the development or implementation of state transition funds in Arizona, Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Mexico, and Virginia.

State transition funds are designed to meet the specific needs of transitioning coal  communities, such as investments in workforce development, community economic development, and tax base relief. The Just Transition Fund supports efforts to create new state funds and ensure the equitable implementation of existing funds. This year, we’re also supporting efforts to create state matching funds, which help leverage federal investment in local economic transition and are important building blocks toward creating more comprehensive state funds.

The Just Transition Fund is proud to support the following organizations and efforts:

Appalachian Voices: to advocate for the development of a state matching fund as a step towards a comprehensive transition fund in Virginia.

Center for Civic Policy: to advocate for the procurement of an Economic Transition Fund within New Mexico’s Economic Transition Division.

Conservation Minnesota: to ensure successful implementation of the state’s energy transition plan.

Faith in Place: to engage in community outreach to facilitate implementation of the Energy Transition Community Grants program in coal-impacted communities of Southern Illinois.

Grant Ready Kentucky: to help implement, and advocate for the expansion of, Kentucky’s GRANT matching fund pilot.

Prairie Rivers Network: to facilitate implementation of the just transition provisions of the Climate and Energy Jobs Act, including the Energy Transition Community Grants program.

Western Clean Energy Campaign: to facilitate a coalition of partners advocating for a statewide coal community transition fund in Arizona.

We are thrilled to partner with these organizations to advance critical state transition policy efforts!

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